Luxe Co Candles

Candle Care Set


Image of Candle Care Set Image of Candle Care Set Image of Candle Care Set

Candle care is an important aspect which improves the safety, regulates the burning time and prolongs a candles life.

Our set comes with two important tools for good candle maintenance and a sleek tray for your candle care tools to be displayed beautifully. Wick trimmer, dipper and tray are all matte black.

A must have to ensure the wick is perfectly trimmed before relighting a candle for the perfect burn.
Don’t struggle with regular scissors and get black all over your fingers! These handy trimmers will cut and lift the black wick off before each burn. Trimming the wick will prevent it from mushrooming and sooting and will also ensure a longer lasting candle.

The perfect multi-purpose tool for your candles. It can be used to stand the wick straight if you find your wick leaning over and also to put out your flame safely. Our wick dipper is a must have to eliminate the smoke that is released when you put your flame out.
When ready to extinguish your candle, use the hook to simply dip the wick over into the wax and pull out again. A coating of wax will remain on the wick which prevents the smoke from being released. The results are no lingering smoke and once the wax has hardened, the wick is all set to be trimmed, ready to be enjoyed next time you light your Luxe Co Candles