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The cutest little addition to Luxe Co Candles, our wooden car diffusers are perfect for making your car, wardrobe, bathroom, laundry or other small space smell amazing with your chosen scent.

Our diffusers last around 2-3 months depending on the environment (humidity, heating etc.)

* Styles may vary *


•Remove wooden lid and the plastic stopper.
•Replace wooden lid and wet lid by tipping the bottle upside down for a few seconds.
•Unscrew wooden lid and replace plastic stopper (you must replace the stopper to prevent spills!)
•Replace wooden lid again and your diffuser is ready for use!
•Wet lid when needed (approximately every 1-2 weeks) for fragrance to disperse.

*Clean up any spillage ASAP as it may damage the surface. Keep out of reach of children. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse of instructions*