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Flameless USB Lighter

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Image of Flameless USB Lighter

Stop wasting money on gas lighters! This flameless lighter is rechargeable and simple to use. Comes in box and USB charging cable included

How to use - 

• To recharge, connect micro USB cable to lighter then turn on power source

• Allow lighter to fully charge then disconnect cable.

• Unlock safety switch

• Hold the power/ignition button down

• Ignite candlewick with laser

• Keep safety switch locked when storing the lighter

Functionality - 

• Each battery indicator LED light shows 20% power
• 360° Rotation Bendable Neck: With a flexible long neck, the lighter can be rotated 360 degrees and bends in different directions to meet different applications, keeping your hands away from burning.

• Charging takes 1-2 hours

• Avoid getting wax on the electrodes as this can impede the laser. Gently brush between the electrodes to clean off any residue when the lighter is off and locked

• Avoid keeping laser in flame for more than 2 seconds